Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts-Special Post #12A

I feel that schools in the United States are destroying the development of creativity in students. I feel that budget cuts in the school systems are relatively an important role in students learning and having an open mind. Without extra money or support, so many teachers are being laid off and by doing this, there is no "free time" for the students or teachers. I think that being creative coincides with physical activities, such as exercising and recess. Students get bored easily just by sitting at a desk all day with their heads in the books. A change can be made if the teachers incorporate certain drawing activities throughout their regular subject lessons to keep creativity alive. A teacher actions play a primary role in students creativity. I learned a long time ago that you should listen to children and not put them on mute whenever they are talking or asking a question. All teachers should give children their undivided attention and most importantly not judge them. As a future educator, I would like to have an open-minded and non-judgmental
classroom. If incorporating drawing into Math, Science, Reading, History, and English lessons will keep my students attentive, then I am all for it! Communication is the key that leads to all roads of success. Everyone stemming from students, teachers, parents, and all school administrators should be in agreement with such.

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