Sunday, April 22, 2012

C4K April

For the Month of April I was assigned two students, both from different areas of the world. The first student that was assigned to me was a boy named Jadein H. He lived in Canada. Jadein's interests were collecting comic books and video games.Jadein's first blog post was actually a Book Trailer, which I had recently been introduced to. It was about a book called Silverwing. Silverwing was about a bat named Shade, who was lost and had to battle his way back to his family. Jadein did a great job with the book trailer. Jadein did not update his Blog, so I had to go back to the most recent post left before the book trailer post. This post was about Jadein's 2012 New Year Resolutions. Jadein talked about how New Year's began. It was in Mesopotamia 4000 years ago, in Sumer. He stated that Mesopotamia was one of the first civilizations and Sumer was a kingdom in it; currently Iraq. In his post, he said that back then New Year resolutions were not about quitting smoking and losing weight, merely about growing healthy crops. Jadein had categories of New Year Resolutions and they consisted of Personal Goals, Global Goals, Local Goals, and School Goals. He wanted to go outside more, blog more, recycle to keep the community clean, work and study more, and complete any school-related work on time. The next student that I had was a seven year old girl named Vinolia, she was a student in Ms. Priscilla Lavakula class in New Zealand. Vinolia had a short video, where she mentioned some of her favorite things. Vinolia's favorite color was Red. Her favorite place to eat was at Burger King. Vinolia talked about her family members and some of her friends.I commented on her blog and I told her that my favorite color was Green, and that I often eat at Burger King.,r:14,s:16,i:140&tx=40&ty=51

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