Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blog Post #13

I must honestly say that I failed the attempt to not use any type of battery or electronically powered technology for a full twenty-four hours. My first attempt, I thought to myself "Oh this would be easy, I could turn my phone off at 10 p.m., wake up and go to work from 6 a.m.- 2 p.m., after work, get some studying done, since I always neglect my phone whenever I'm doing school work, and get some rest." I figured by the time I had done all of this, it would be 10 p.m. again. It was a slap in the face! I am the type of person who has to have music when I study or do any kind of assignment, so I have to get my iPod. The second attempt, was very difficult also, because my group members and I had to complete our Smartboard assignment, and we could not meet face-to-face to interact, so using technology were the only resources. We collaborated through text, Google Hangout, tried Skype, and also through e-mails. That only lasted for a good thirty minutes. The last time I tried so hard to not use any type of technology, I was visiting my family members at my mom house, and everyone was saying how they had been texting and calling me and that I was not responding. I told them what I was doing, except for my youngest brother, because he was not in the family room. Therefore, when he came into the room he had his phone in his hand and he showed me a funny YouTube video, and I watched it, forgetting that I was putting myself to the test! I do not think that in this society today, that anyone is able to get through a full twenty-four hours of not using any technology at all. If so, it would be astonishing! I mean there is technology all around us, music from radios, TV, iPod, in the grocery stores, gyms, and in the areas of employment. This furthermore lets me know that my future students will be raised in a technology-based environment. I, personally do not think that there will be any effects of them growing up in this type of environment. They are technology to be honest, because we need the younger generation to show us the ropes of using computers, high tech cellular devices, and games. With the outpouring numbers of new devices being assembled and sold on the market, I think that it would be the hardest for children to go on an "e-media fast". At least, I was raised before there were cell phones, and although i played video games in my younger days, I also enjoyed playing outdoors, until the street lights came on. Many children nowadays do not do that, which is now one of the main factors of obesity. I can say that this would be a great project that others can share with their family and friends. I tried to share it with my family, but no one wanted to participate.

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  1. You will soon have students even more committed to (or should I say addicted to) technology. Are you prepared to be their teacher? Can you teach without technology? How and what will you technology in your classroom? How will you use your student's technology for educational purposes?