Saturday, March 31, 2012

C4K March

The first student that I had for the Month of March was a girl named Clair. In her blog she talked about having a sleepover. She invited four of her friends over. She had gotten 20 gifts and she was excited about all of them. Later that night at her sleepover, her and one of her friends were playing the kinect and the lights went out. I commented and told her that I never had the pleasure of having a sleepover and I wish that I could have. I also mentioned that whenever her power went out that, that it did not stop the party.

The second student that I had the pleasure of following was Jadein. In Jadein's recent blog post, he made a book trailer about a book called SilverWing. SilverWing was a book about a bat named Shade who has to battle his way back to his family. I enjoyed his blog, because the previous week before he was assigned to me, I had the chance to work with making a book trailer. Jadein did a good job with making his trailer.&nb

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