Friday, March 9, 2012

Blog Post 7

Main Tools used in PLN

The Networked Student Upon completion of watching this video, I am aware that teachers will still exist. I understand that technology is growing and will continuously do so, but teachers are still needed to teach students the positive and negatives of internet use. Not every site has reliable information and with a teacher by a student's side this will be good. By doing so, the student's will know which sites has resourceful information that they are able to use. As a future educator, I am aware that technology will be a big part of my teaching career, and I am willing to do anything possible to keep up with it, so that I am able to answer any questions that a student may have.
The idea of having a PLN is great. It allows for one to be more advanced with searching for information to use. You are able to interact with classmates, peers, your teacher, and other people from around the world. If you may have a question regarding facts, you can ask your teacher, or any one that you are networking with. The PLN allows for students to take control of learning with others to strengthen their learning process. They are able to find worthy websites and also share the sites.So, "Why does the networked student even need a teacher?" The networked student needs a teacher because she is the one who teaches him how to build this network, and take advantage of opportunities. She offers guidance when the student gets stuck. She teaches the student how to communicate properly and ask respectfully for help from experts, differentiate between good information and propaganda. She shows the student how to vet a resource, how to turn a web search into a scavenger hunt, and get excited when the student finds that pearl of content. The teacher helps organize those mountains of information. In her heart, she hopes that the student will maintain his network for his future, even after leaving her class.
A Seventh Grader's Personal Learning Environment(PLE)
My PLN is similar to the Seventh grade student, because I admired the fact that she had her tiles arranged with personal and school being on the bottom. I feel as if you should start from the bottom(being the hardest) and working your way towards the top. My tiles along the top are for recreation purposes such as health, fitness, sports, horoscope, shopping, and iPhone apps. These are less important and I feel that if I complete the bottom ones first, then I may have time to play around with the top ones.


  1. You speak of "trust" What determines whether you can "trust" a website, a radio commentator, a TV news anchor, a magazine article, a professor, a politician? The answer is not having a teacher by your side!


  2. I agree with Dr. Strange. However, I understand what you implied about "trusting" websites. You have a good point; students will need someone to show them which sites they need to use for educational purposes. I also like how you arranged your tiles. It sounds very inspiring.