Friday, March 23, 2012

Blog Post 8

This Is How We Dream
In these videos Richard Miller talks about the effective use of technology and creativity in the classrooms. Teachers and future educators, myself being one of them, need to know that technology will change. It will not just be based on books and the use of pens and pencils. I feel that technology will eventually eliminate the use of books in the classrooms and everything will be accessible on the Internet. Richard Miller mentioned that "We as educators must be in the business of sharing ideas freely", I agree with him, because if you have knowledge about something, why not share it? Someone may be wondering the same thing and with the valuable information you are attaining, you could quite possibly help them out.
Richard Miller uses the Mac computer as an example of our work space. The desktops or laptops are becoming more accessible to individuals, because basically everything is online and it is right at the click of a button. Mr. Miller says that "Our Future Is Now" and we need to adapt to the changes, in order to be accurate whenever we are trying to teach our students the correct way of using multimedia. With the use of multimedia everything will be up-to-date and students will not have to look further for information.
I cannot honestly say that I am prepared to write with multimedia, because like with all other things in life, you have to practice in order to perfect the project. In the future, I think that upon my knowledge of multimedia, I will be able to teach my students, and they will be able to obtain the knowledge and be prepared to write with multimedia.

Blog Post #12 Carly Pugh
I enjoyed reading Carly's Blog assignment and I loved her teaching philosophy. Carly's post was well put together and I was thinking, this girl must have had a lot of time on her hands. I know that once she got started she was on a roll. It was very informative, because not only should we just watch videos, we should be saving them to our favorites for purposes like Carly has used. Carly's assignment would be very interesting for future classes because it will give students a sense of multimedia use. My favorite link in her blog post was the video about "Disability means possibility". We as individuals cannot and should not judge others on them being different or as we would like to say "not normal". Having a class write about 

The Chipper Series and  EDM for Dummies
First of all, I would like to say that the Chipper video was hilarious! The future/present scene was the funniest. Chipper tried her very best to explain to Dr. Strange about her definition of procrastination and why she felt like she was right. Dr. Strange allowed her to talk, but he also implied on the fact that the same points would not be given for late work, which is unacceptable. No way was Chipper going to change the definition of procrastination  in Wikipedia, LO! I am not proud to say this, but I thought about dropping the course. Then, I had a reality check and it made me realize that dropping the class only meant failure and that I would have to eventually take it again. The good thing about Chipper's video was the fact that after that she has been through, she was able to make up her mind and go back to school. I would like to participate in the "Ed for Dummies" video, because I would like to act out that you have to dedicate at least 9 hours to class every week or else, you would be falling behind! I would imply imply imply on the deadlines, and the fact that the lab is accessible to all students and that there are lab assistants who are willing to help.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn
I think that this video should be watched by all educators who do not believe that we should incorporate technology within our classrooms. This video informs us on how educators feel about the use of Social Sites and internet changes within the classrooms. Allowing students to use and apply the internet with their learning would be a great idea, because it gives them a sense of independence. There is a way to block sites that are not appropriate for students and we may just have to do that, but I fell that blocking their use of the internet would only put them behind from learning what is important. Most kids go to school to learn more than what they are learning at home, and if the teacher is willing to provide students with knowledge about certain things, rather than bore them, then their work would be appreciated.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0
Before actually beginning the Scavenger Hunt, I watched the video Discovery Education Web 2.0 visited Discovery Education website, Web 20.11, then actually I started the Hunt on Web 2.0 Tools. The tool that I located, that was similar to Twitter and/or Facebook was Edmodo. "Creating a Professional Learning Network (PLN) is a valuable way to ensure your growth and satisfaction as an educator – and now you can use Edmodo to build your PLN!  Use the “Search Teachers” function on the right side of the screen to find colleagues and educators you’ve met at conferences and professional development events. Connecting with them allows you to send direct messages and share content to each others libraries. Edmodo Communities provide a valuable forum to gather professional feedback, exchange ideas, and share content and lessons that you can integrate immediately into your classroom curriculum." Prezi was the video tool that I found. You are able to make your own videos and import/export YouTube videos. You are able to customize your Prezi and work together as a group anywhere.  Poll Everywhere was found in Mobile Tools. 

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