Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Post #9


What I've Learned This Year

First, I would like to say Thank You Dr. Strange for assigning the students of EDM31O and myself to read such amazing selections. The first thing that instantly caught my eyes was the fact that Mr. McChung stated that he made an important decision for the year and it was to "Stay Positive". I feel that as an educator, one must always portray a positive outlook for the students sake. Most students look up to their teacher for support, because some are not given that love and support at home. What I'm trying to say is that educators cannot pose a negative sense towards the students, even if there are a million things going on around them that they are not comfortable with. Communication is another factor that he wrote about. Communication is important in any situation especially for an educator. You must be in touch with fellow peers, parents, and most importantly students. With the rapid expansion of technology, like Mr. McChung talked about, we should not be afraid of it, in fact we should keep up with it. Listening is essential to students also, it makes them feel that they are able to trust their educator and they are able to go to them for advice or just to talk. As a future educator, I always think to myself "How am I going to act as a Teacher?" From reading Mr. McChung writings, I know that I will be lenient, I will listen to my students, I will make my classroom environment fun and full of learning possibilities, and I understand that I will have to make a "fool" out of myself at times in order to make the lessons have some meaning. Mr. McChung did a great job with all of his writings and I am grateful to have had the chance to read them.


  1. The assignment was to read and reflect on two of the blog posts Dr. Strange assigned. You only did one. He said a lot of really helpful things that you missed out on learning.
    It would be wise to proof read, also. His name is Mr. McClung, not Mr. McChung.
    Your picture does not work.

  2. Dear Ms. Dale,

    I enjoyed reading your blog post. However, I did notice that you only wrote about one of Mr. McClung's posts.

    When reading Mr. McClung's posts, I found many of his points to be very interesting, but I carefully chose to only write about my favorite few. Which of the points made by Mr. McClung were your favorite(s)?

    I liked that you wrote about trust. I think it's very important for students to have trust in their teacher.

    Remember to proofread.

    Eleanor Pomerat