Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project #3

I was assigned to read and comment on Aviva Dunsinger blog posts.  Luckily my assigned teacher updates her blogs regularly and she also replied! The first blog I read and commented on was about the use of Twitter in the classrooms.  My comment was "Hi, my name is Derkesha Dale and I am currently enrolled in EDM310. As an assignment, I was assigned to read your most recent blog. After reading your blog, I found it to be very interesting. I like the way that you are incorporating social networking, such as Twitter, within the students and in the use of classrooms. This is a great way to enhance the students learning abilities. This makes the students eager to learn and not get easily bored with just book assignments.
My twitter address: @CHIK_WIT_BRAINS
My URL:" and her reply "Thanks for your comment! I’m glad that you found the post interesting. I think that social media can make learning engaging, but it is also great for differentiation: allowing students to have choice with the tools that they use and how they use them, so that they can all experience success.Enjoy your course! Aviva"  The second blog posts I had to read and comment on dealt with the students being able to efficiently demonstrate subtraction with the flip camera and the use of building blocks. My comment was " I enjoyed watching the videos on how the students learned to subtract. I think that the students using the Building Blocks as a way of learning is fun, instead of the traditional way “counting your fingers”. When I was a child I did not have the advantage of using Building Blocks, I had to draw however many lines there were and then cross them out as indicated. For example, if the problem was 12-8=4 , then I would draw twelve straight lines cross out eight, and count the remaining lines and I would have four left. Therefore, I think incorporating new ideas and especially technology into students learning environment will be a big help." Aviva Dunsinger reply: "Thanks for your comment! I think that having various tools to use is great, and giving students a chance to explain their thinking is even better. Aviva"

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