Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog Post 2

Did You Know? 3.0- A John Strange 2002 Version

Originally this video was by Karl Fisch and Scott McCleod. Did you know ? 3.0- A John Strange 2012 version implies that the world is changing, and The United States is behind in education. The crazy part of it, is that china has more honor students than we do people. One fact that I found interesting was that the first text was sent in 2002. The increasing numbers were incredibly shocking. Although others may disagree, but in my opinion, to think that China would be the number one English speaking country in the world, is an embarassment to us as United States citizens. Essentially the question is Are You Ready To Be An Educator? I think what the video implies is that as an educator, you have to be willing to accept and adapt to the rapidly changing technology around us today.

Mr. Winkle Wakes created by Matthew Needleman

After one hundred years of sleeping, Mr. Winkle wakes, and finds that technology is being widely used in office buildings, hospitals, and schools, just to name a few. Mr. Winkle notices that amongst all of the places that technology was being used, the school was the least to occupy the computer. Schools should be one of the main environments where computers are used, due to the fact that the “real world” is constantly changing. This video stresses the fact that technology is changing, and being used basically everywhere around the world today. Books get you through school, where as computers get you through life. If you are technology literate it gives you more of an opportunity to expand in the classrooms and outside of schools.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

In this video Ken Robinson compares creativity to literacy, saying that it is just as important. He stated that “You have to be prepared to be wrong, or you will never be original”. As a society we are so focused on doing what we think “ we know” is right and are afraid of making mistakes. We are growing out of creativity, which I find to be true. Anyone working in the education field should want to be creative and making mistakes should not be an embarassment, more so a learning experience. As well as Math and Language, Art and Music should be at the top of the list. Some children learn through movement and are able to focus and learn more.

A Vision for the 21st Century Learning by TEDS

I think that the students should be taught through technology, as well as books. In today’s society, kids being computer literate, enhances their learning. By doing this students would be more interested and their learning skills would be efficient. Students would want to participate more and not just focusing on memorizing from books. With that being said, I strongly agree with teaching children of the future through technology.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students’ Digital Smarts

Harness Your Students Digital Smarts’ is about a school in rural South Georgia, where Vicki Davis is a technology-based teacher. She believes every child should learn in a comfortable environment. She makes sure that they are able to teach her and their fellow classmates new lessons. She incorporates software, Wiki, and blogs into their learning experience. I feel that it is good for her to mention new words into the lecture, and the students automatically know to Google the words to find out what she is talking about. I like Mrs. Davis’ teaching style, because it allows the students a wide range of learning, not just in classrooms, but using computers also. I love the fact that the students have certain projects that they must present, this allows the students to open up to each other.


  1. Good job, Derkesha! You are right that technology is an enhancement to the quality of a student's education! Keep up the good work :)

  2. By the way, I just looked back at your blog and noticed that you have "Did You Know? 3.0- A John Strange 2002 Version" when it should be 2012. Oops! Always be on the lookout for errors like this!

  3. Thanks for watching Mr. Winkle Wakes. I wouldn't say that technology and books are opposites. The movie presents technology integration as an alternative to teacher lecturing.